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Les Rossyann
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The Rossyann: a duet of musical clowns

The musical clowns Rossyann were distinguished by the jury of the 34th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, a Bronze Clown. To see the photo gallery, click HERE.

Rossyann: a duet of musical clowns as well as a special Cabaret version, Variety show(Varieties), etc.

Maurin Rossi (Hector) enters the ring of the circus thr first time with his grand father Ettore at the age of three at the Christmas Circus in Toulouse.
Two years later, he presents his first own act on the rola-rola. The following years he practices various circus professions such as acrobacy, juggling, western fantasy and he enters as second clown in the act of his parents and his grand father.
Playing approximatively 20 instruments with his father and his brother, their clown act his, of course, called "musical". Read the biography of Maurin.

Yann Rossi, as a young boy of 8 years of age he first enters the ring with his head hanging low ...
As he shows a foot-juggling act at the Circus Orfei in Italy.
But the true start as a professional foot-juggler was two years later at the "Gala des Artistes" in Lyon. Working on his comic expression he takes part in the clown act of his family for a few years.
Later, he decides to follow the example of his grand father Ettore and helped by his father, he starts as a white face clown. His serious musical studies allow him to play some famous classics for trumpet such as the "Carneval of Venise" together with the solist Bernard Soustrot.. Read the biography of Yann.

Discover Victor R, juggler to rappeur in a video. To see ...