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Maurin Rossi (Hector)

Maurin Rossi (Hector)
born in 1952 to Loano ( Italy)

Introduced to the music, to the balance and to the juggling
Introduced to the music by his father Pierre Rossi as well as to the balance and the juggling by his mother Achertine Caroli Rossi.

Musician-singer on roller
He occurs on stage to the Casino of Alés in 5 years in his number of juggler-tightrope walker, musician-singer on roller.

Juggler's number cowboy
A 10 years, he is in the family musical number, which allows him to acquire of the assurance on the track as well as to produce its number of juggler and cowboy.

Auguste in 13 years
Was trained in acrobatics by his grandfather Hector Rossi as well as in farcical art at the beginning of the adolescence, here is in the disappearance of this one (at the age of 13) pushed has to make its entrance to entant Track that Auguste with his relatives(parents) " The trio Rossi".

At the same time Maurin pursues its studies while becoming an excellent juggler tightrope walker (alone to juggle tails of billiards on a roller in short of the ground in balance).

Excellent in the manipulation of the Whip, Lassoes, Shooting(Firing) of precision with "Colts" in his tremendous number of "Western" whim.

Uncountable disciplines
It does not prevent him from tasting uncountable disciplines such as: the balance on hands, on thread, unicycle, acrobatics on the ground, on horseback(by horse), in the horizontal bar and naturally the learning of numerous instruments: accordion, saxophones, trumpet, trombone, concertina, ocarina, guitar... More curious: musical, stupid jacket, musical saw among others.

Un Auguste finer, more subtil
With his grand father, his parents and today his brother Yann, he immortalizes the tradition of the AUGUST. Auguste, who in the course of the research, working years in evolved to become finer, more subtle, while leaving of quoted : rudeness, heaviness in the make-up, the body movements and the dialogues.

Musical clowns with his brother Maurin
Privilégiant the poetry, the intelligence and making of Auguste a charismatic character who has so much personality and care as the clown. With Yann, his brother, Maurin adapts himself to any shape of comic and musical, special and current expression and they produce both of surprising numbers of musical clowns, parodistes as well as a special Cabaret version, Variety show (Varieties) etc....

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Accordéon, saxophones, trompette, trombone, concertina, ocarina, guitare