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les Rossyann : musical show
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Rossyann, biography

Yann Rossi - Discover him !

Maurin Rossi (Hector)

Yann Rossi
born in 1967 at Bron (Lyon - France)

Foot juggler
He begins in 7 years his learning of antipodiste with his mother Albertine Corali Rossi.
And next year, he begins in music (music theory, accordion) with his father. In 9 years he enters track for the 1st time at time when antiposdiste and "Auguste" in the number of musical clowns of his parents and his brother.

The art of the whitefaced clown
In 1985, at the age of 17 ans 1/2, he prefers to dedicate himself to the art of the clown (white), taking back the role of his grandfather Hector Rossi in the traditional trio " Les Rossyann " existing since 1967.

At the same time, he pursues his studies by correspondence, quite as his brother previously so he continue the work of several disciplines of circus(cirque) such as: balance, juggling, accrobatie etc....

Trumpet, Saxophones, accordion, guitar, concertina, saw muscicale, xylophone
It deepens its connaisances and skills in music by following courses deprived according to the tours. As his father and his brother, Trumpet, Saxophones, accordion, guitar, concertina, muscicale saw, xylophone, pass by the hands without any embarrassment.

Accompaniment of symphony orchestras
It allowed him with his brother Maurin, to be accompanied by symphony orchestras (Luzerner orchestrated in Swiss in the circus(cirque) Nock or WdR orchestrated in Cologne in the circus(cirque) Roncalli). As well as in trio with the soloist Bernard Soustrot during 150 ème anniversary(birthday) of the Cirque d'Hiver Bouglionne, interpretant the Venice carnival with variations.

Today, he immortalizes the tradition of the clown (white) according to the rule book: role and endangered character to whom he returns the letters of nobility to every entrance to track.

Register Cabaret, Variety show(Varieties), theater...
With his brother Maurin, he evolves in diverse numbers of musical clowns, parodistes, funny. By abandoning the characters of clown and Auguste, with so much talent he also adapts itself to the register Cabaret, Variety show(Varieties), theater...

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Accordéon, saxophones, trompette, trombone, concertina, ocarina, guitare